Dow industrials up 325 points at midday

U.S. stocks rise solidly after Beijing says it won’t respond immediately to the latest round of tariffs imposed by Washington.

Don’t worry about the ‘monsters’ as production is about to boom, says this fund manager

Global interest rate reductions and the end of the inventory building cycle should lift U.S. exports and production and boost materials and home-building sectors, says one fund manager.

Trump says Fox News ‘not working’ for him anymore, blasts Puerto Rican leaders

President Donald Trump on Wednesday ratcheted up his attacks on Fox News, blasted Puerto Rican leaders as another hurricane approached the island and kept up his drumbeat of criticism of the Federal Reserve for its failure to cut interest rates.

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How to avoid medical treatment you don’t need — or that may not work

‘Just because we live in 2019 doesn’t mean everything the doctor offers you is something that’s supported by evidence.’

Dropping mini shampoo bottles is another ‘feel good’ move that, like banning plastic straws, does little environmental good

Perhaps the most damaging fallout from such symbolic initiatives is that they distract from actions that can make a real environmental difference.

Millennials are five times more likely to put #LiesOnMyResume than boomers. Here are the worst.

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