Weekly Top 10: Money for me in Equifax settlement? Plus: Can I trust the GDP?

Here are must-read MarketWatch articles on investing and personal finance from the past week.

1. Equifax pays $300 million; you can go after $20,000

As part of a $700 million settlement with regulators, Equifax  has already paid $300 million into a fund that will help people who suffered harm after the credit rating agency’s epic data breach. .

2. The GDP report: Why it’s wrong

Rex Nutting says a better measure shows the economy actually had .

Tim Mullaney disagrees. He says it’s a bad report, and .

And yes, the Federal Reserve on Wednesday.

3. Look here for an excellent college education that’s relatively cheap

Consider .


4. Amazon hasn’t killed these retail stocks

With so many traditional retailers dying slow deaths in the age of Amazon , it may surprise you that .

5. Tesla’s ‘bad’ quarter and Musk’s confusing forecasts

Tesla’s  second-quarter sales were up 40% from the previous quarter and 59% form a year earlier, but . Tesla but during the electric car maker’s earnings call.

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Tesla’s shares were down 14% on Thursday and it is stock and long-term investors have been on a roller-coaster ride this year:

6. It’s true — you can save money by doing some research

The TV commercials are annoying, but .

7. Dividend stock lists

Here’s a list of , as they have underperformed this year, even though their payouts are covered by free cash flow.


8. This man says it’s time to pay less alimony to his ex

Quentin Fottrell — MarketWatch’s — who says it’s not fair that he’s going to work everyday and supporting his ex-wife, who still hasn’t gotten a steady job five years later.

9. Remember last year’s stock selloff?

and has an investment strategy for that.

10. Want an affordable retirement? Try heading way down south.


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